Windrow Compost Turners

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Frontier Turning System, FTS, is a controlled airflow and complete mixing system. Because of our patented designs, it is unlike all other old style devices attempting to make high quality finished compost in the world.

Old style straddle turners using flat paddles, knives or rototiller tines were somewhat effective in transforming organic waste from an environmental problem to a more benign product. But with the ever-increasing costs of fertilizers and other soil amendments making high quality compost is fast becoming a viable source of income across the country and around the world.

Every Frontier Windrow Turner is designed to perform every task required to maximize bacterial and fungal activity necessary to produce odor-free valuable compost. This is not an empty claim, a myriad of satisfied global customers are telling us so.

The Heart of the Frontier Turning System is found in every Frontier Windrow Turner across the board, from the largest to the smallest. They all create a directionally focused Gale-force airflow.

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